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JACOB BONESTEEL  (Sr.) U. E. L. Born June 24, 1757 - Pine Plains, Duchess Co., New York.
Son of JOHAN DAVID BONESTEEL of Claverack, N. Y. & Anna Barbara Hagedorn of West Camp, New York.
Jacob was mentioned in his father's willdated Nov. 4, 1790 & probated Jan. 22 1791. Jacob's Grandfather NICHOLAS BOHNENSTEIL was a Palatine Immigrant. Nicholas his wife and two children were in the fifth party sailing fromHolland to England July 3, 1709 on a ship captained by JNO. UNTHANK (ENTANK) Rotterdam Lists. They landed in New York in 1710 originally coming from Germany. Nicholas' first appearance in New York is on the Hunter List, Oct. 4, 1710. Around 1716\17 Nicholas appears on the Semmindinger Register. In 1718-1719 he is a Palatine Debtor of Hunterstown and in 1721 he is onthe Livingston Debt List. Nicholas first appeared on the tax rolls in 1722at which time he was in Rhinebeck Precinct until 1767 (Duchess Co. Tax Lists). Nicholas was Naturalized on Jan. 17, 1715 according to Albany State documents.

The Children; SPOUSES of Nicholas & Margaretha Kuhn/Kuntz are:
Elizabeth - Balthasar Simon; Susana - Andreas Michel
Anna Barbara - Michel Simon; Nicholas - Anna Elisabetha Treber
Johan Peter - Elizabeth Simon; Johan Philip - Elizabeth Hagedorn
Johan David - Anna Barbara Hagedorn (*mine)
Johan Freiderick - Catharina Mayer

(*) JOHAN DAVID was born April 27, 1726 at Rhinebeck, New York. He was confirmed April 10, 1743 at Camp Loonenberg Lutheran Church. In 1767 David was in Captain Jerimiah Hogeboom's Company. On April 1, 1749 David married Anna Barbara Hagedorn, daughter of Peter.

Children of Johan David BONESTEEL & Anna Barbara are:
Elizabeth Born 1750
Jacob Born 1757
Catharina Born 1755 - Mary (?)
David Born 1765

Children & SPOUSES of Jacob BONESTEEL & Christian Welch are:
Margaret (b. 1790)
Jacob Jr. (b. 1794) - Nancy ?
David (b. 1796) - Widow, McCartney; William (b. 1797) Catherine (b. 1788 - Joshua Wilcox; Mary (b. 1802) - Elijah Smith
Barbara (b. 1793); Elizabeth (b. 1806) - Mr. Alport Merilla (b. 1808) - Pierre Laushway; John (b. 1810) - Catherine Atkins
Susannah (b. 1812) - Michael Conway
Nancy Ann (b. 1814) - John B. Belrose

Jacob Jr. Lived in Livingston Manor prior to coming to Canada. He left Claverack N. Y. Aug 16, 1777 under direction of Henry Simmons who was married to a Bonesteel. He arrived in Canada October 1777 with Jessops Rangers. He was granted land in Prescott, Ontario as a U.E.L.

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