Chronicle of Sanborn Area History

1809Samuel Carney, first settler in Pekin purchased 500 acres on east side and Reynolds on the west side.
1811Jairus Rose settled where Niagara County Community College is today. He was the first setller in what is now Sanborn.
1815Dr. Myron Orton came to Pekin. One of the founders of the Niagara County Medical Society.
1826Seth Lyon settled in the area (in the first house south of the RR tracks on Hoover Road.)
1833Daniel Treichler and family moved from York Co, PA to 1/2 mile south of Lockport Rd. on Ward Rd.
1836-1851The first railroad known as the Strap RR ran through Pekin, connecting Lockport and Niagara Falls
1846Rev. E.C. Sanborn, a Methodist minister, moved to the area
1852Railroad came to South Pekin, via the Rochester, Lockport and Niagara Falls Companies
1854Lee R. Sanborn built a sawmill in area on south side of Saunders Settlement Rd. near Townline Rd.
1863Post Office established in South Pekin at railroad station. John Starr named postmaster.
1864Rev. Griffin Smith and Lee R. Sanborn purchased 90 acres of land where Sanborn is today. Smith fences his land for farming.
Sanborn divided his land into village lots for sale. Mr. Gutton was the first purchaser.
1866Name of South Pekin changed to Sanborn while Lee R. Sanborn was postmaster.
1867Methodist Church from Pekin, built in 1826, moved to Pearl Street for use as a Union Hall. Today it is the Sanborn American Legion Post 969.
1868Sanborn established first grist mill.
1870Dr. William Huggins, first doctor located in town. Construction began on Methodist Episcopal Church, corner of Buffalo and Tallman Streets.
1874Rev. William Scism, a retired Methodist minister from Pekin operated store on west side of Buffalo St., north of railroad tracks.
1876Map made of Sanborn businessses
1879Baptist Church built on Buffalo Street
1882Two story schoolhouse built on West Street
1883L.B. Pike opened a general and drug store at Griffin & Niagara Streets
1885First Fire Protection Compnay established, using buckets & hoses
1895Frank R. Stover operated lumber & hardware business. In 1928 becomes D.F. Calkins Lumber Co.
1906William J. Pike & Duncan opened a funeral parlor, later Pike & Jones. Now Rhoney Funeral Home.
1908The first hotel built south of railroad tracks. It burned and was rebuilt in 1909 by A.F. Wendt as the Exchange Hotel. Later called the Marlboro Inn.
1908Dr. Peart moved here. Lived and practiced across from the lumber company on Niagara Atreet.
1910R.T. LeVan & Sons built a grocery store at Maple & Buffalo Streets.

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