Loyalists and Post Riders - Declaration of loyalty to the Colonies and opposition to the Crown dated Tryon County May 15, 1775. List of names of individuals agreeing to pay the cost to whoever is appointed as post rider to carry letters and papers between Albany and Fall Hill - dated April 24,1776
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Loyalists - List of names in the Haldimand Papers of individuals loyal to the British Crown, residing in Tryon County, on the north side of the Mohawk River.
Petition of Wives of Loyalists for Relief - describes the women as living in a "distressful situation" and declares that there are many others in the same way....
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A Loyalist Letter of 1782
Loyalist Troops in the Mohawk Valley
Sir William Johnson
Joseph Brant
Guy Johnson
Butler's Rangers and KRRNY.... List of men from the Turloch Militia (Tryon County) who joined KRRNY or Butler's Rangers
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