Revolutionary War Pensioners - Battle of New Dorlach
Tryon County, NY

The following were submitted by James F.Morrison


R11960 JACOB A. YOUNG - Capt Jost Dygert Company.

Col. Samuel Campbell's Regt., 77 years

town of Stark, Herkimer County Oct 1832

'deponant with the others were chosen by Col. Marinus Willett to spy out the enemys camp and found them posted at Sharon, then called Turlough in the County of Tryon, that meet the army after performing the duty on which they had been sent at a certain place which had been agreed on, that Col. Willett did not come upon the Enemy in time to Surprise them before day light,.and abandoned the project. that in the morning he sent Lieut Sammons with a small detachment for the purpose of drawing out the enemy in pursuit while the rest of the men were divided in two lines nearly parallel in the woods sufficiently distant to receive the enemy in the Middle. That the Lieut-suceeding in part .in decoying then into the ambushcade prepared for them by Col Willett and the enemy were routed."



Capt. Jacob Gardinier's Company, Col. Frederick Visscher's Regt.

Glen, Montgomery 72 years, Sept 19, 1832

Arrived at Sharon just as the battle as over: This deponant and the rest of the Company assisted in taking care of the sick and brought one man who had been scalped, as far as Canajoharie.



Sept 14, 1832 Marcellus, Onondaga Co

Capt Jacob Gardinier's Company, Col. Frederick Visseher's Regt.

"While he and several others were on a scouting party they were attacked by the Indians and Tories and some British and taken Prisoners at Canajoharie in said County of Montgomery, and that the next day this party of the Enemy was attacked by Col Willetts men and they had a battle and that neither side suceeded in a victory but each receeded, that when the battle commenced all the Prisoners that were taken with him were killed excepting one Peter Quackenbush and himself and they were tied to a tree, and that after the battle the rope was put around their necks and they were led by the Indians to Fort Niagara.".



Danube, Herkimer Co., age 68 years

Capt Robert Yates Co., Col. Frederick Visschers Regt of Tryon County Militia

"When the Settlement was attacked by the India ns and deponant and a ' 11 his fathers family fled to the woods, they were pursued by the Indians who shot the brother of deponant dead by his side but deponant ran and escaped - the Indians took deponants Mother and Sister and two of his brothers prisoners. his Mother and Sister, they were liberated but took one of his brothers to Canada, the other was Killed in a battle The I ndians had a few days after he was taken with the militia."



Col. Jacob Klock's R*qt.

Sept 19, 1831 age 73 years

ln the year 176i he went in aid of Colonel Willett to Turlock in Schoharie County but arrived after the Battle was fought when I with others finding found a young man by the name of Diefendorf who was scalped and that him and those who were with him returned with Diefendorf."



Col. Samuel Campbell's Regt.

Town of Root, Montgomery Co

March 7, 1835 83 years

this deponant further says that during said war he was on one occasion ordered out to go to furlough (now called Sharon in Schoharie County) that deponant went there under 'the Command of said Lieutenant Van Evera and that deponant arrived there just before the Commencement of the- Battle fought at that place and :was engaged in the same and that one Frederick Bellinger was killed directly in front-of deponant an well as many others that deponant did not know and that the Americans suceded in defeating the enemy in @said battle - that deponant was an entire stranger to all the other officers who were engaged in said: battle and does not now remember the name of any of them, that deponant was engaged in the service at this time but one day and part of one night for deponant returned home immediately after said battle, and that the distance from where deponant resided at this time to where said battle was fought was about twelve miles."


S14453 HENRY SHULTS July 6, 1833 Palatine, Montgomery Co. 82 years Capt. Henry Hiller, Col. Jacob Klock's Regt.

Was called out to Join Col. Willett to take Battle at Turlough now Town of Sharon County of Schoharie but not in time. Battle had Emediently previous to our Militia arriving, there putting the Enemy to flight leaving their encampment finding a Number of dead bodies. One young boy by the name of Diefendorff his scalp taken off but living, and taken a long on our return."



the enemy lay at Turlock in the town of Sharon in Schoharie County and Col Willett ordered out his forces and marched for that place passed through Canajoharie and up Bowman's Creek and onto 'Turlock and then an engagement took place between the Americans and British in which the Americans suceeded. The principle part of the British forces were Indians and Tories but does not recollect who commanded them, But Col. Willett Commanded the Americans, Captain McKene, an American officer was killed and his son was shot in the mouth which Knocked out a part of his teeth."


Abraham (Wohleben) served as a private under Capts. Michael Ittig and Frederick Frank in Col. Peter Bellinger's 4th Regiment, Tryon County Militia and fought in the Battle of Oriskany; he was sent out to collect firewood for the garrison at Fort Herkimer in October 1781 when enemy Indians captured and scalped him; Abraham was left for dead and he was not found for about three days at which time his feet were frozen; he was unable to perform military duties for almost two years from the exposure and hardships of that experience; he later returned to military duty at Fort Herkimer and he also served as a batteauman during the war.

From: Mohawk Valley Revolutionary War Pension Abstracts. (#R17772) Penrose, Maryly B. Heritage Books 1989. Sarah O'Connell

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