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APPEL/APPLE - Henrich Appel/Apple was born about 1754 and lived in the Minden NY Area. He joined the Rev. War on (2) separate time with the First time being April 1776 in Minden and served under Capt Seber and Col Dayton in the NJ Line. He rejoined in April 1778 in Minden and Served under Capt. McKeans Company and Col. Van Schaik of the NY LIne. He received an honorable discharge at German Flats, NY. His wife was Maria (Surname unknown at this time). Looking for information as to his parents (probably German Palatines) and the Surname of his wife. He received a Pension S44551 and I have the records, but it did not tell his place of Birth or his wifes maiden name. She was buried in the Minden Area about 1825-30 (Cemetery unknown). Children were Baptisted at Geisenburg Church and it could of been there. Henry died in 1844 in St. Lawrence Co. NY where he lived with his sons William and Henry Jr. Any furthur information on the family while in the Tryon Co. appreciated. Pat Nutreg - posted 5-2000


BADER - Have been trying to locate information on Bader family in the Mohawk Valley area of NY. Have recently found out that my great-great-grandfather was Mickael or Michael Bader born in Melchor, Montgomery Co., NY. Not sure of year; however, he had a son Benjamin who was born in 1834 possibly in MI. Someone in family told me there was a book written (?) called "The Baders of Mohawk Valley".The Baders came from Bavarian Germany to the US. Any help in locating information or where a copy of the book mentioned would be appreciated. Jeanette Bader Nichols - posted 04-97

BALSEY - Request for information on Balsly, Balsley Peter . Earliest known date of residence in the area is 1756. This is birth date of son Andreas in Ft. Plain. Particularly interested in finding out given name of his wife, and burial site of his son Johannes who was married to Catharina Bikkert in Dec. 1785. I have a lot of notes on Peter's existence in Tryon County, but vitals on family are virtually nonexistent. Phil Balsley - posted 05-99

BLAIR - Looking for information on a David Blair who lost his life in a fire. His father was Harry Ambrose Blair from Black River, Kings County, Nova Scotia. David's mother was Adeline Gladys Hiltz From the United States - perhaps Tryon County area. Terry R Bouck - posted 07-98

BLOW See Hodges

BOEN - Need information on Henry BOEN, BOWEN, BOHN family. This family was a Loyalist. Member of the New York Royal Regiment. Rosalie Kimmerly - posted 05-97

BOWER/BAUER/BOUER - Casper Bower, wife Elizabeth Catarina, sons Adam, b. 1762, Peter; Loyalist family, shows up in Stone Arabia Reformed Church records, Tryon County, Committee of Safety listings, Adam and Casper entered 2nd. battalion KRRNY at Crown Point, NY in 1780. Trying to track family, and ancestors, prior to Tryon Co. and also to locate them better within Tryon Co. Samuel Hinckley - posted 07-03

BRADFORD - Seeking information on James Bradford, b.1744 d.1821 Montgomery Co. Served in 2nd battalion NY militia. Norm Bradford - posted 06-99

BRANT - see Johnson

BROUSE - Looking for information on the BROUSE family. We believe they were in the Stone Arabia area prior to the Revolutionary War. (They were very likely Palatines, but I have searched many Palatine lists/books and have come up empty.) Before or at the onset of the war they went north as United Empire Loyalists and settled in Dundas County, ONT. In various UEL records the name appears as BROUSE, but could also be BRAUS(S), BROWS(S), PROWS(S), etc. I've heard rumor of a Stone Arabia Church baptism record for a Peter (Petrus) BROUSE*, son of Phillip George BROUSE* and Elizabeth CRONTZ or CROUSE. [* or variant spelling] I am going to order a film of Stone Arabia church records at the FHC, but thought someone might be able to give me a head start. I would also appreciate suggestions for other sources of research. Marcy Hoover - posted 5-2000

BROWN - I am looking for information on Jacob Brown. He Settled in Cherry Valley in 1790. His wife's name was Lucy and He had many children.(Lucy Russel) His Children were Barzalai, Nathaniel, Polly, Hannah, Lucy Betsy, Anna and Lucy his youngest was Jacob and that is who I also descend from. He was born in Killingly, Conneticut and Jacobs father was Nathaniel Brown and his Brother was Zachius Brown who fought in the Revolutionary War. His Mother was Alice Brown Right now I am researching the family tree so if you know anything else please let me know. Kathleen Brown - posted 07-99

BUCHANAN -born in Fonda; . Jeffery Buchanan (1798-1876) m. 1819 Rachel Prouty (1802-72) Rachel Prouty was born in Janeville NY or across the river in Poultney depending on source. With a date of 1798 I don't know if Jeffery was born in Tryon or Montgomery. but does anyone have this couple? Rachel is well documented but Jeffery isn't. Elizabeth Hanebury - posted 2001


CAMERON - Angus and his son Donald. Said to have emigrated from Scotland in 1773, settling in the Mowhawk Valley. Donald joined the English Army in 1775 and Angus joined in 1777 (possibly the Royal Highland Emigrants). They we resettled in Stormont, Ontario after the war. Donald married Margaret Fraser in 1781. Any information on this family, especially their emigration to the Mowhawk River Valley and potential neighbors or fellow emigrants would be appreciated. Kim & Carolyn Taylor - posted 02-98

CAMPBELL - Samuel, b 1695, Londonderry, Ulster, Ir. d 30 Jan 1780 m Mary HUNTER, b abt 1711, Boston, d 1792. Sons- Daniel, Samuel, Jonathan, Nathenal, Joel, Levi, Nathan, Ruben. No known daughters. Samuel had an older brother, James, and his father was William who was both born and died in Londonderry, Ulster, Ir. His mothers name unknown. Boy, do I need help! Anything really appreciated. William JH Campbell - posted 03-97

COONS (KUNTZ) - Searching surname Coons/Kuntz who were in Tryon Co 1772 to 1782. Served in KRRNY during American revolution , and fled to Canada as UEL around 1782. Conradt , Jacob, John , Gasper and Henry Coons/Kuntz. Any information on these Coons families would be appreciated. John Coons - posted 03-99

CRANE - I would appreciate any information regarding the arrival of the Crane family from NJ to the Mohawk Valley, specifically to Cranesville, near Amsterdam. Of particular interest is Benjamin Crane's arrival in the area. Additionally any information on his son, David Crane and his marriage to Electa RIGGS, or on his grandson, David Crane and his marriage to Margaret ADAMS. Ray Greene - posted 03-97

CUNNINGHAM - I am tracing family which came to Canada from there in the 1700's. George Cunningham came here in 1788/9 and was a master carpenter. He came to Canada to build for Colonel Nelles who had been involved at Stone Arabia and then came to Canada as a loyalist. George died young in an accident and we have little on him except for his will which states he was born in Tryon County New York in 1769. The real teaser with George is that he married Mary Sitts, who was captured by Indians in a raid on her family's farm in Minden in 1780 and was rescued here by Colonel Nelles when the Indians came in for their treaty monies. The fact that he followed Nelles, and married Mary Sitts who both came from the same area of the Mohawk valley is suggestive of a former connection. If anyone could suggest any way to follow this further in that New York Area, I would be most grateful. The story of Mary Sitts, a Palatine captured and rescued, was written by C Courtenage and is available at the Simcoe Ontario historical society. Lee Smallman - posted 07-99


DEER - Looking for a geneaology for my wife's family. Her grandmother is a Caughnawaga indian. Forbes did a complete record through 1908. Her grandmother was Mary Deer, married to Joe Rice. Excel - posted 03-99

DEROUCHIE - Searching for Lawrence and Alice Derouchie (1920 census) in Massena and Ogdensberg. AKA Latour, Montour, Derosia, Montroy. Probably one or both are Native Americans. Lawrence was b.1894, Alice b.1903. Lawrence worked at the Aluminum Plant in 1920. Searcher would like to contact any relatives in area. One or both probably born in Canada. They had daughter Mary. Please help! Sue Schwab - posted 04-97

DITTRICK- I am looking for any information on the individual Jacob Dittrick (Dederick, Dedrick, Dietrick) also known as John Dedrick the younger, a loyalist whose land he inherited from his father in the Mohawk valley. Jacob was born 1755 and married Margaret Pickard. Any information would be most appreciated. Lon Dittrick - posted 09-98

DUMM - Am searching for information on Nicholas Dumm/Dum/Thum/Thumb, possibly a son of Adam & Christina Thum. Nicholas entered Revolutionary War Service in Tryon Co., NY. Was later in 1790 Montgomery Co. census at town of Palatine and listed as Nicholas Tun. Had a brother named Melchior who also fought in Rev. War from Tryon Co. They did not arrive with the 1709 Pallatine immigration but came later in about the 1730's from Germany to NY state. Nicholas married Elizabeth Dygert. Charles P. Phillips - posted 02-98


EHLE - Looking for any information concerning the surname Ehle. I believe they came to Sullivan Township, Madison County from either Herkimer or Montgomery Counties, NY in the early 1800's. Any information will be greatly appreciated. I have many listing on Ehle and will be willing to share with you. Thanks in advance, Frank Howard - posted 01-97

ELISON/McFEE - Looking for information on John ELISON who married a Miss McFEE. Miss McFEE was the sister of Alexander McFee (McFie), who fought with the Tryon County Milita, 1st Regiment. Miss McFee came with her brother to America from Scotland shortly before the Revolutionary War. Any help and/or information would be very appreciated. H. Philips - posted 08-2000

EMPEY - Empie/Emigh -
Jacob WRIGHT, son of Isaac and Ottilia (WAGNER) REIT (note name spelling change) was b probably Tryon Co area 29 Jul 1755. He m Elisabeth EMPEY. They had children Joseph, Delia, Mary, Catharine, and Isaac all born between 1776 and 1784. Need all particulars of Elisabeth EMPEY/EMPIE/EMIGH. Would like spouses and children for the children. Will gladly share information. Nan Dixon - posted 07-97

EUTERMARKS - I am willing to share information on Eutermarks surname and variations thereof. Peggy Eutemark Smith - posted 11-97



FALKNER - Looking for information on William Falkner Esq. who settled in Tryon Co. in 1774. His father Ralph Falkner and a brother Ralph also settled there for about 3-4 years before being driven out as a result of his loyalty to the British. I have a rather complete family history from the time of his settling in Lancaster Ont. Canada but almost nothing of his or their time in Tryon Co. Roy Falkner Taylor - posted 03-99

FIKES - I am looking for information on the Peter Fikes family. Tenants of Sir William Johnson's Kingsborough Patent by 1769. Peter's sons split as to their allegiance during the Rev. War. Peter, Jr., Henrich, Daniel, George, were KRR, Philip Adam was a member of the Tryon County militia. Henrich and George did not survive the war, but Henrich's widow and children relocated to Ontario.Lida Fikes Perfetto - 2002

FOSTER - I am interested in any information on Nat Foster, and his descendants, who was a Revolutionary War Soldier in New York. His son was also named Nat (1766-1840), and the son is buried in Ava (near Rome) NY. Randy Bunce - posted 06-98

FUCHS - I am researching the Descendants of Christophel Fuchs from Germany. It has been established that my ancestors were in the Tryon County area for a number of years and were quite active politically. I am looking for any information on my direct line, but would accept any information. My direct line is as follows:
Rebecca Shewmake - posted 2001


GORDON - GORDEN - Can anyone shed any light on this information? How do I find out more about who this man was, where he came from, his family, etc. In 1783 William Gordon was brought up on loyalists charges. He was a farmer on the Kortright patent with the land halfway between Delhi and Harpersfield. The indictment when found 3-5-7; judgement signed 19-12-83. Land confiscated. He may have been a relative of Adam Gordon who came in 1774 to New York and Montgomery Co. He may have also been the same William Gordon who settled in Delaware Co. who married a Rhoda? His 1st wife may have been Esther/Hester Wooster from Derby, New Haven, Ct. Nancy Sheridan - posted 05-99

GROFF/GRAFF - Failing/Fehling - Searching for the parents/grandparents/brother and sisters of Daniel Groff (1797-1789) of Montgomery County. He married Eve Failing (1802-1888) at St. Johnsville in 1821. They had 11 children:Ruben (m. Mary ?), Catherine, Gartrude, Hamilton (m Nancy ?, Julia (m J.H Zoller) Mary, Martha, Jacob, Margaret (m Henry Zoller), John Erwin (m Clara Nellis)and one other child possibly Elizabeth. I think Daniel's father lived in Oppenheim, Tryon County, most if not all his life. Daniel and Eve lived on what is now called Groff Rd. in the Town of Palatine/Stone Arabia around 1830-1869. According to the 1860 to 1880 Census' Ruben and Mary had children: Anna, Elta?, Larry, Daniel, Willard, Franklin and Walter. Hamilton and Nancy had children: Charles, Daniel, Alice, John H. and Arthur. John Erwin and Clara had children: Jacob Herbert, Annetta. Margaret and Blanche. Jacob Herbert is my Great grandfather. Willing to share the information we have on The Groff - Failing families. Herb Groff - posted 04-99


HANZ - I am trying to trace ancestors whom I know originated in the Mohawk valley. I know about the United Empire Loyalist members; however, I wonder about their families as I don't think that they moved to Canada. I am interested in Hanz, Jury Hartz or Hans Hart - and Snetsingers (Schnetsinger or Snitzinger) Jeanne Hart - posted 2001

HARE - Looking for information on Col.or Capt. Peter Hare. We have old family notes that show he was born in Tryon Co. NY American Colony.We understand that he was an officer in the British Army and worked in the indian dept in America. He ended up in Montreal after 1776. We have no record of his parents or the Hare roots in England. We do know that his son was in the Butlers Rangers (a British, Indian and Canadian Militia unit based in Niagara on the Lake Ont.Can.) and was involved in the burning of Buffalo NY. Kevin Lamotte - posted 11-98

HARRISON - I have found record of Henrik Harrison of "Genistagioene", and Maria, dau.of Harmen Phelpse of the "Maquaasland,m. Jan.8, 1746/7. Children baptism dates Margareta, Aug.13,1749; Maria, Aug.11, 1751;Thomas, Apr. 29, 1753; Harmanus, May 4, 1755; Petrus, Aug. 28, 1757; and Philip, July 1,1760. Private Peter, Private Harmanus, Private Thomas and Ens. Thomas are listed in the Third Regiment (Mohawk District) of the Tryon County Militia of the Continental Army. Thomas Harrison is buried on the Harrison farm in Erie County, Ohio. The headstone indicates he died at age 83, in 1835. There is also a Philip Harrison and a Harmanus Harrison there. The Harrison part of my family emigrated to Ohio from New York State. I would be interested in any other information to help trace this Mohawk Valley family line. Joyce Schafer - posted 06-98

HAWN/HAHN - Henry (or Hendrick), born ca. 1728 in Germany. Settled as a farmer in the Mohawk Valley. Wife Jane. At least one son, Hermanus. At least the following daughters: Mary, Hannah, Rebecca, Eunice. Henry and Hermanus served in Capt. Patrick Daly's Co. in the 1st Regt. of KRRNY. They all moved to Dundas Co., Ontario, Canada, after the Rev. War. Would like to exchange info. Gary E. Myer - posted 05-98

HILLER - Jacob, Some info given to me has Jacob Hiller b. abt. 1730-1745 as married to Elisabeth Riema. I do not know now if this Jacob could be a brother to my Johannis "John" Hiller instead of his father like I had previously thought. I have been told that the above Jacob died at the battle of Oriskany and he was Johannis "John" Hiller's father. I need to find Johannes George Hiller, who was the first in my line in America. He supposedly was born abt. 1690 in Germany and his wife was Anna Catharina Hetterich. Johannes George and Anna Catharina Hiller supposedly lived in Montgomery Co. in early 1700's. Melinda Hiller Dickrell - posted 01-2001

HODGES - My interest in Mohawk Valley are the families of Hodges and Blow. I found an Abram Hodges in 3rd Reg of Tryon co. Militia. James Blow in Cherry Valley then to E Winfield. Blow from Ireland. Hodges from ?. 1830 census has an Abram Hodges in Jeff. Co. F. McFarland - posted 2001


HORNING - Dedrick Horning had five sons in the American Revolution Dedrick HORNING have five sons that were in the Amer. Rev. War: Adam, Dedrick Jr, George, John, Lanert. of these five I have found three marrages Adam to Dorothy Van Stine, Dedrick Jr. to Maria Margaretta Kraus and George to Maria Marenes. Does anyone have information on any or all of these Persons where they lived died any childrens anything at all would help. Thomas L. Searle - posted 11-98

HOUSE - John b abt 1753 Mohawk Valley. Married Christina Anger daughter of Frederick Anger. Seeking Parents of John House, Hous or Haus. This John House was a Loyalist and a member of Butlers Rangers. I believe he may be the son of Conrad Hous and Angelie. Jim House - posted 09-97



JOHNSON - I am trying to find out what became of the children of Guy Johnson and Mary Johnson (daughter of Sir William Johnson). Specifically, what became of Julia? Did she marry, did she have children? I have done some reading and some research and have found few clues to her life after moving to Canada from New York. Anyone know?? Jeff Anderson - posted 11-97

JOHNSON - I am interested to discover the children of Sir John Johnson (son of Sir William Johnson) - specifically did he have a daughter Mary Ann who might have married circa 1846 in Canada. Greetings from England! Deborah Taylor - posted 11-98

JOHNSON and BRANT - Seeking info on descendents of William Johnson and Molly Brant. Dawn Evango - posted 01-97

JOHNSTON - I am looking for info on descendants of William Johnston, the Scotch-Irish presbyterian preacher who moved from NH to the Unadilla area before the Rev war. He was chaplain of Cherry Valley during the Rev. I am especially interested in his eldest son, William and his children. Beth Johnston - posted 11-97

JORDAN - Seeking parents of JOHN JORDAN born 6 Mar 1764 where I know not. He died 26 Jan 1850 Pike, Wyoming Co, NY, but buried in family lot in Friendship, Allegany Co., NY. He married 15 Sep 1785 probably in or near Goshen, Orange Co., NY Julia SWARTOUT born 18 Nov 1769 daughter of Jacobus SWARTOUT who before and during the Revolution lived in Sugar Loaf which is now in town of Chester, Orange Co., NY but then in town of Warwick, Orange Co., NY. Following children born to John and Julia: Michael 1786 in Orange Co; William 1788; Jesse 1790; James 1791; John 1792; Andrew; 1795; Betsey 1797; Isaiah; 1799; Sally (Patty) 1801; JACOB 1803; Julia Margaret 1805; Unnamed son 1807 at which time Julia probably died because she does not appear in 1810 census. John/Julia do not appear in the 1790 census of NYS in their own home with two sons nor have I found them in PA, NJ or any N.E. state. By 1800, JORDAN family residing in Cherry Valley, Otsego Co., NY. From there, Michael, William and Jesse settled in and died in Steuben Co. James and John settled town of Cuba, Allegany Co., NY; Isaiah, after living with his brother, Michael in Steuben Co., migrated on to Allegany Co and he and brothers Andrew and JACOB settled in town of Wirt of Allegany Co., NY. Betsey (Elizabeth) Jordan married Sebastion WELLER and lived in Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., NY. Sally married John DYGERT and lived in Montgomery Co, NY. Julia Margaret married Charles PHELPS, migrated to Pike, Wyoming Co. and it was at her home that JOHN died in 1850. In 1840, JOHN JORDAN is still residing at Cherry Valley but by 1848 has migrated to town of Wirt and because he died before 1850 census was taken, it has been family tradition that he lived with his son, JACOB, but his will probate states he died at home of his daughter in Wyoming Co. ANY help would be appreciate on these above mentioned families. RTHODEN@AOL.COM - posted 07-03


KAEMMERER - I am looking for any information regarding Jacob Andreas KAEMMERER, KAMMERER, CAMMERER, CAEMRER. He married Barbara around 1760. Lived in Stone Arabia, New York. Was a loyalist. Rosalie Kimmerly - posted 05-97

KEECH - Seeking any information - especially parents - for James Keech, b Jan 1763, New Fairfield, Conn. settled in Warrenbush, Tryon Co - renamed Florida, Montgomery Co, NY, where he enlisted in 3rd Regiment, Tryon Co Militia, with brother George, b 1753, and probably Israel [though he is not on muster roll.] A sister Martha was b @ 1764, possibly at Warrenbush. There were two other sisters. Martha was the 2nd wife of Jonathan Spencer - also a veteran of 3rd Regiment. James was listed in 1800 for Florida, NY: incl: John 1784; Henry 1791; Geo 1792; James 1796; and Elizabeth 1795. This family moved to Town of Western prior to War of 1812. Israel settled at Unadilla, NY, with Burch and Spencer families. George settled at Town of Augusta, Oneida Co, NY. Dan Touse posted 05-99

KENNEDY - Searching for any information on Tryon County loyalist William KENNEDY or on his wife Mary BUTLER, intention to marry Mary BUTLER published on Dec. 8, 1762 in Boston, Suffolk, Mass. (Boston City Registers, document 101), mariage non recorded, emprisoned in Johnstown and Albany in late 1770 and early 1780's, took refuge in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) and settled on Gaspé Coast at Douglastown (Quebec, Canada) in 1784. Have most descendants list to share. John Le Garignon posted 03-98

KLOCK - I am trying to sort out the very early Klock family. I think there is a lot of under documented guess work in previously published material on Henry, Jacob, Adam, and George Klock in particular. I think there were three Henry Klocks in the early 1700's that have all been rolled into one and that Jacob Klock , son of Conrad, Col Jacob Klock, and perhaps a third Jacob have also been confused. Does anyone have any primary source references to these families? Kathleen McLaughlin - posted 11-97


LAUER - Seeking any information on Conrad LAUER who lived in Palatine area in 1770s with wife Anna (FEHLING/FAILING) and many children. Served in Revolutionary War militia. After war removed to Onondaga/Madison Co. NY area. Anything, be it ever so slight, highly appreciated. Name later spelled LOWER. Willing to share on both LAUER/LOWER and FEHLING/FAILING. Graham Louer - posted 05-99

LIVINGSTON - Looking for place of origin in Scotland for John Livingston. He settled in Kortright in 1774 or 1775 where he had 150 acres. Then went "to the Delaware" where P.V. Liginston gave him 100 acres. The two farms were 8 miles apart. At that time was Tryon County, now Delaware. During the Revolution, he was a Tory. He joined Sir John Johnson at Oswego, was a sargeant in the Kings Royal Regiment. He was drowned in 1783. His wife, Flora, received lands in Glengarry County, Ontario. He had one son Neil and a daughter Mary. Donna Przecha - posted 07-97

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