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MARCELIS - I am looking for any information on a Johnannes Marselis who was born in Turloch, New York in 1741. I have information on him after that date but nothing before this his parents or anything would be helpful. He was with the KRRNY. He has the oldest tomb stone in UC village. John settled in Williamsburg, Ontario Canada. Cathy Marcellus - posted 2001

MARLATT (MARLETTE - MERLET) - Looking to share information on the Marlatt family. John was a member of First Provincial Congress of NY State and the Tryon County Safety Committee. Looking for death date and burial place. Some sources say he was wounded at the Battle of Oriskany and died from the wounds later. John's son Gideon was an adjutant in the 3rd Regiment of the Tryon County Militia. Nancy Knechtel - posted 01-99

MARTIN - I am looking for information on the parents of Peter MARTIN b.30 Oct 1772 in NY, and Susannah Martin, b.3 Mar 1779, possibly his wife. Any information would be greatly appreciated. John Martin - posted 01-98

MCDOUGAL - I am researching McDougal in Montgomery/Fulton Co. First identified was Benjamin McDougall in 1790 census in Caughnawaga Town, by himself, over 16 years. He later, with wife Hannah (Simmons?) lives in Johnstown and then with son Thomas in Stratford, where he is buried in Round Top Cemetery. 1766-1859. His father may be a John McDougall in Schenectady Town south of the Mohawk in the 1790 census, and in the 1810 a John over 45 years and Benjamin McDougal (26-45) (now one L) are next to each other in Johnstown. I plan to go to Schenectady/Albany to research the above John. At least 2 of Benjamin's sons came to Michigan, James in the 1830s to Berrien Co., and my ancestor Thomas with wife and son Marshall in 1867 also to Berrien, later to Kent Co. MI.
Contact Robert A. McDougal, M.D., 430 N. Park Ave., #411, Indianapolis, IN 46202-3679. e-mail either Robert A. McDougal or if attachments are used Robert A. McDougal - posted 04-98

MC GLASHAN - I am looking for information on Robert McGlashan who immigrated to America in 1775 and served in the Tryon County Militia during Revolutionary War. His sons later lived in Cataraugus County NY. He was my G-G-G Grandfather. I'm interested in any historical information at all, such as his military service, where he lived, where he came from in Scotland etc. Mark MacGlashan - posted 03-98

McGRAW- I am looking for the McGraw family who fought in the Battle of Oriskany with General Herkimer under Visscher's regiment. I am working on a short story and John McGraw is a main character. I have messages posted all over the website asking, but no one has any information for me as yet. I am wondering if you would have any for me. I would appreciate anything at all. I know there were several of them. Christopher looks like he could be the father. He was listed in the Sir William Johnson Papers with a daughter, Mary? There is also Daniel, and William, and Dennis. If they were brothers or cousins, I would like to know. Anthing would be appreciated. Frances Emerson - posted 01-99

MCMARTIN - MCMARTIN, MCNAUGHTON, MUNRO, ROSS - Seeking information on the McMartin, McNaughton, d Munro, and Ross families of Tryon County who were loyalists during the Revolutionary War. Members of all families eventually moved to Canada along the St. Lawrence River in Glengarry, Dundas, and Stormont counties. Doug Keahl - posted 08-2000

MERCKEL/MERKLEY - I am updating the book I published on the Decendants of Christopher Friedrich Merckel/Merkley settled in Durlach, Tryon County about 1753. Came from Hoheneck, Germany with brothers Michael (killed by Indians) and Friedrich. Christopher died 1772, "struck down by a tree". His daughter, Maria Magdalena (born 8 Dec. 1759) married Michel Friedrich son of Stephen I have only one child for this couple, Elisabeth born 27 June 1786. Need to find her complete family and descendants. Also her sister, Anna Margaretha born Oct. 1760 married Cornelius Gallon. Have record of three children for them. Looking for information on the Friedrich and Gallon families. Can you help? Christopher Friedrich's sons were Tories and settled in Ontario as well as three children of Michaels and some of Friedrichs. Have the Canadian families well documented. Am also working on getting more information on his brothers, Michael and Friedrich's, descendants. I am also updating my files of Johannes Friedrich Merckel who came with the early Palatines since our family is also related to him. I do have information on some of the Loyalist families who left the Mohawk Valley and settled along the St. Lawrence River, Dundas and Stormont Counties and would be happy to hear from people who are searching in that area. Glad to share with them. Ejvor E. Merkley - posted 03-98

MILLARD - Seeking info on Thomas Millard family circa 1760 in Tyron County. Also Isiah Millard. Wayne Barnes - updated 06-2000

MUNN- Seeking info on the fam of Harvey (b 1790) & Marsena MUNN (aka Harry & Marcie) from CT, who migrated to NY State. They lived in Plymouth, Chenango Co. & settled in Carlton, Orleans Co., NY. Children: Abel, Genette, Henry & Leaman MUNN. I have more info. Karen Mohr - posted 05-99


NICKLOY (NICHOLOY) - Johan Michael NICKLOY/NICHOLOY married Barbara Maria WAGNER on 12 October 1766 in Schoharie, NY. The christenings of at least two of their children are in the Dutch Reformed Church Records of Caughuawaga. The family apparently was in Fonda, Montgomery Co. NY for the birth of most of their children. Would really like to communicate with anyone working on these lines. Alene Vogel - posted 3-99


OSTERHOUT - I am looking for evidence of the marriage of Anna Maria Hess to Gustav Osterhout and their son John Osterhout to Katherine Spencer. John Osterhout was listed in the Tyron Co. Militia. Anyone with information on where I can look this up would be appreciated. I would love to share information as well with cousins out there! Novicki - posted 03-99


PETTINGELL - Interested in the connection between Cornelius Pettingell and Captain Samuel Pettingell who died at Oriskany on Aug 6, 1977. In Penrose's Compendium of Early Mohawk Valley Families a Cornelius Pettingell was born to Peter, but there is no direct connection between Peter and Samuel, although both were from Florida. Jack May - posted 11-97

PHILLIPS - Seeking information on Phil(l)ips and H(e)agle families in Tryon County, N.Y., circa 1770's to circa 1820's. Robert H. Phillips - posted 02-97

PICKARD - I have considerable genealogical data on the Pickard family who settled in Tryon Co., N. Y. Will share. D. Fleming - posted 02-97

PICKARD-BICKERT - Need help on genealogy of Bartolomew PICKARD (BICKERT..etc.) who was settler with others in the Stone Arabia Patent 1722. Randall Diefendorf - posted 06-97

PLANTZ - I am especially interested in Phillip Plantz(1803), son of Peter Plantz and Charlotte Stoller. Also my great, great grandfather Timothy Parker Plantz (Phillip's son) who was born in New York 10-8-1824. Timothy married the daughter of Calvin Hamlin who was born in Herkimer Co. in 1793. Both Calvin Hamlin and Phillip Plantz had for a time moved their families to Ontario, then to northern Illinois. Calvin served in the War of 1812 in Capt. Edward Gary's Co. NY militia, Sept to Nov, 1813. Bob Plantz - posted 08-2000

PUTMAN - I have a File containing 33,000 Putmans and allied families. The Putmans settled in Schenectady, and were some of the early settlers of Tryon and Montgomery counties. Laura Greene - posted 04-97


QUACKENBUSH - Looking for information on Jeremiah Quackenbush, son of Peter who was baptized at the Queen Anne's Chapel at Fort Hunter on October 26, 1713. Nancy Knechtel - posted 08-98

QUACKENBUSH - I am attempting to trace a segment of the Peter Quackenbush family that moved west to the Tryon County area and then down to Newark, New Jersey. A Mark Pearce (a tailor located in Newark, NJ) married a Mary E. Qauckenbush in 1846 and had two children, Evaline Aurrila and David Henry Pearce) bfore she died in 1858. Working from federal census records, her father appears to be David Quackenbush, a carpenter, who was listed in the Newark City directory as early as 1836. He died in 1865. His wife was named Mahala and she died in 1877. They had three other children, a son who was older than Mary (maybe Abraham?), a son Henry C. and a daughter Martha. Have checked all the available Quackenbush publications, and they are rather silent on the Quacks that moved to New Jersey. Gail Richard Quackenbush suggested that I try the Tryon or Montgomery County areas because of the high concentration of the name "David" Quack up there. I have researched all available publications for these counties, but find nothing on a David Quack family that moved to New Jersey. However, there certainly are numerous Quack family heads named David or Abraham that might fit the scenario! Can anyone help with this New Jersey connection? Helen Herzer - posted 06-97


RAMBACH/RAMBOUGH/ROMBOUGH -Searching for information on the Rambach (Rambough, Rombough) family, pre-Revolutionary, Tryon County, Loyalists, King's Royal Regt. of N.Y, first names: Asemus, Hans Jacob, William. Sam Hinckley - posted 07-03

REESE - Am researching Samuel Reese born 1805. Penrose lists a Samuel Reese as son of Nicholas Reese of Florida. He also lists a Samuel Reese as son of Samuel Reese of Canajoharie. Samuel Reese married 1st Sallie Hart from the Mohawk. He and Sallie Hart had two daughters. Becky Mary Reese and Wealthy Nelson Reese. Becky Mary Reese married a Hardy from Siloam and had a daughter Ruby Hardy. Wealthy Nelson Reese married 1st Remsey Reeve (s) 2nd Merril Virgil Armour. I have children listed for both of those marriages. Samuel Reese married 2nd Susan Marlett presumably from the Marlett families of Tryon Herkimer Montgomery county. I have Susan Marletts birth as 1805. they had two children and are buried in Peterboro cemetery. Who are the parents of Samuel Reese born 1805 and Susan Marlett born 1805 and Sallie Hart born ? Karen Hunter - posted 09-98

RICE - My great grandfather was a Caughnawaga Indian, his name was Joe Rice. He was married to Mary Deer who became a Rice. Does anyone have any info on my family?? He was married to Mary Deer who became a Rice. Does anyone have any info on my family? Chris - posted 07-98

ROLLER - I am searching for any info on the Andreas ROLLER family. They lived in the area around 1761. Andreas married Alida(Rebecca) and had three daughters. Daughters: Doreathea married Johann ZEILMAN; another married John LUTHER, and the third married a BLOOMINDALE. Any help would be appreciated. Suzi Waguespack - posted 01-98

ROOF - I am searching for a listing and some family history of the Johannus Roof (Ruoff, Rueff) Family.The family came from the city of Durlach in the county of Baden, Germany 1759. He had a son John who is said to be the first white child to be born at Fort Stanwix. Both served under General Herkimer and were with him when Herkimer lost his leg. Both are mentioned in "Drums Along The Mohawk". They are also listed in the TRYON COUNTY MILITIA - 1st REGIMENT. Can You help me get more information about this family. Lee D. Roof - posted 2001

ROSS - I'm looking for information on John ROSS who served with the 53rd foot regiment in the Revolution. Ended in Quebec and married Catherine MORRISON d/o Hector and Barbara FRASER.Cathy Garvin - posted 08-99

ROSS - Thomas Ban Ross (born 1729 in Sutherlandshire, Scotland) married Isabel Munroe (born 1746 in Sutherlandshire). Their son Donald Ross married Margaret McMartin 2 Jun 1801 in Ontario.Am particularly interested in Margaret McMartin's parents and Isabel Munro's parents. Also any information on these families in upstate New York before their flight to Canada. Thank you. Doug Keahl - posted 07-2000

RUPERT Looking for any information on Rupert/Ruport in Tryon Co. Rupert's were members of the King's Royal Regiment of New York, and emigrated to Canada, Osnabruck Township approximately 1784. Penny Minter - posted 04-99


SCHELL - I am trying to compile descendents of the John, John Christian, and Anna SCHELL and related families...HESS, PETRIE,RASBACH, KESSLAR (CASLER) from the German Flats area. Lynnette Rose - posted 06-97

SCHELL - I am looking for any information on my ancestors, the Schells, of Herkimer Co. My GGrandfather was Adam Schell, son of John Schell Jr., born about 1765 in Herkimer. His father was Johannes Schell, brother to Johannes Christian, and Anna Schell. They arrived in the Mohawk Valley, Herkimer area, in 1752. Johannes was a Revolutionary War Veteran. He married Barbara Rasbach, 16 Feb 1762. Gene Schell - posted 03-99

SCHRAMBLING - I am looking for _____ SCHRAMBLING, SCHRAMLING, born abt 1739; daughter of Hendrick Schrambling and Mary Elizabeth Landgrave. She was married to Peter CRAMER and may have lived in Tryon County. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you. Patricia Baetsen - posted 03-98

SCHREMBLING - (Scramling, Schramling) - Seeking information on the Hendrick Schrembling family who settled in Stone Arabia and in Canajoharie thereafter. Son George , said to have been a Tory, but apparently unknown to Sir John Johnson's raiding party and was killed outside his house in Fort Hunter on 18 Oct. 1780. George's son Henry served with the Tryon County Militia. Joyce Riedinger - posted 12-96

SELEMSER - (Silmser, Simser, Simzer) Researching a Nicholas Selemser who married a Margaret Emmer at the Dutch Reformed Church of Caugnawagna in 1777 than fled to Canada as a United Empire Loyalist. Trying to verify where the name Selemser came from. Holland or Germany. Any help would be appreciated. Bob Silmser - posted 06-97

SERVISS - Looking for information on SERVISS and OVERBAUGH families of Montgomery/Tryon County, New York. Specifically George Serviss 1753-1812 and his son William G. Serviss born about 1785. George Serviss was married to Mary Overbaugh. I am interested in learning more about their ancestors. Is anyone out there interested in these family surnames who can provide help? Dan Luce - posted 06-97

SIXBERRY - Looking for any information on any Sixberry/Sixbury families who were from the Mohawk valley area. My 4th gr. grandfather Robert Sixberry b. March 6, 1763 - Where? Mar: Betsey Hoover (sister to Captain John Hoover), Little Falls Herkimer Co. @1799? Died: LeRay, Jefferson Co., Oct. 23, 1873. According to Appendix A - Tryon County Militia from the two volume set of books Compendium of Early Mohawk Valley Families by Maryly B. Penrose, C.G., A.S.I. - see elsewhere at this web-site - there were four Sixberry's who joined the Third regiment of the Tryon County militia. Is my Robert Sixberry related to these Mohawk Valley Sixberry's? Paul Kelly - updated 2005

SHULF - Seeking information about (Johann) Christian Shulf (multiple spelling variations, lately Shelp) and his wife Maria Elizabeth Bierman said to have been married in Holland and to have migrated to the area of Glen in 1750 with sons Hendrich, Christian, Frederick. Elizabeth and Margaret born in Tryon County. Christian said to have been buried between Mill Point and Shelp's Four Corners (? the Hoff cemetery)
From COMPENDIUM OF EARLY MOHAWK VALLEY FAMILIES by Maryly Penrose: SCHULF, Christian & Elizabeth (Bierman): Margariet, bapt. 7-4-1762 (DRC:7). Sponsors: Willem Snock & Caterina Snock. (On the Tryon County Web site, Baptisms 1761-1763, spelled Schuls and Snoek) Jack Williams - posted 05-99

SNOOK - Interested in the descendants of William Snook (Snoeck) of the town of Florida and his children Henry, John, Jacob, Peter, and Christianah, and their connection to the Samuel Pettingell family. Both William Snook and Samuel Pettingell were Captains in the 3rd. Regt., Tryon Co. Militia. Sam died at Oriskany. Jack May - posted 11-97

STICHER - The Stone Arabia Plat includes lots for Johan and Jacob Siter. I found John Steecher (sic) in Colonel Klock's company and other suspected members of the family, Peter and Henry, in the 2nd Regiment of the Tryon County Militia, under similar spellings. In 1869, a Henry Sticher, wagonmaker, from Wuerttemburg, Germany, is found in Stone Arabia. I am interested in any information anyone has on this family. I believe it later became the Sitcher family of Kingston-Marbletown, N.Y., including Lt. Col. Andrew Sitcher (Sitcher's Artillery) War of 1812. George E. Stitcher posted -8-2000

STRAIL - John Looking for information about John Strail, born about 1740 in Holland and serving in the Tyron Co Militia, 3rd Reg. Any information would be appreciated. Joyce Phillips - posted 07-03


TAYLOR - From the Rev. James Dempster's Record of Marriages and Baptisms in the vicinity of Tryon County, NY, 1778-1803: Josiah KELLOGG m. 17 January 1793 Mary TAYLOR, both of Warrenbush. Josiah Jones Kellogg b. 25 July 1768, Egremont, MA. Mary (Polly) Taylor born around 1772. Need information about Taylor families living in Warrenbush (now township of Florida, Montgomery County) or nearby towns in the period around 1785-95. Ultimately, want birthplace, date of birth, parents, siblings and ancestors of Mary Taylor. John Gould - posted 12-97

TRYON - My great grandmother was a daughter of Jesse Tryon, whose brother Socrates was the first physician in Linn Co. Iowa. Am looking for information on this family which we know came from Connecticut area. May be descendents of Gov Tryon. Dr. Bradshaw - posted 01-98

TRYON - Is there any info on the TRYON family - perhaps unrelated to the Royal Governor Tryon? My g-g grandmother was Rhoda TRYON perhaps of northern Oneida County or Lewis County. She married a William Doyle. One of their children was Mary Doyle (my great-grandmother) b. 1831 in or near Leyden, NY (Oneida or Lewis County). Thank you. Diane - posted 11-97


UTTERMARK - Searching for parents and/or missing children of Johannes Bartholomaeus UTTERMARK and Anna BASTIAAN. Johannes B. is listed in the 1st Regiment of the Tryon County Militia as John B. UTHERMARK/OTHERMARK. John J. UTTERMARK is listed in this same regiment. Known children of Johannes B. and Anna are: Johannis b. 1769 in Minden/ Canajoharie m. Dec. 10,1793 to Anna Margaretha JORDAN/YORDON; Catarina b. 8/31/1771 in Minden/Canajoharie m. 5/21/1792 at Dutch Reformed Church of Ft. Plain to Jacob MILLIS; Elisabeth b. 1777 in Minden/Canajoharie m. George BARSH of Herkimer in 1797; Engeltie bp. in Schenectady May 5,1782. Need to confirm if Stephen b. 1774-1785 and Gertraut b. before 1787 are children of Johannes B. and Anna. Would welcome any information on UTTERMARK or BASTIAAN.
Peggy Eutemark Smith - posted 5-2000


VAN NESS - We are trying to find out more about Henry Van Ness and his wife Jane Allen. Their son George M. Van Ness was born 15 Jan 1804 and lived in Broadalbin (Fulton County) but later moved to Michigan with his wife Sarah Olcott Hawley. We cannot find which Van Nesses to connect Henry with, and know nothing further about him or his wife. Karla Huebner - posted 07-98

VEDDER - Seeking parentage of James Stuart Vedder, born about 1839 in New York. He enlisted in for the Civil War and served in Co. F., 12th US Infantry. He married in Grimes Co. Texas , 1866 to Lucy C. Mott. They resided in Mason, Mason Co. Texas and both are buried there. Was he a resident of Tryon county? I am seeking his parentage. Mary C. Stewart - posted 11-2000

VOLCK - Andreas. Palatine settler in the Schoharie district, moved to the Tulpehocken area of PA in 1722. Looking for information. Bill D. Holder - posted 08-98


WAGNER - Need descendants only of the children of Johann Peter and Maria Margaretha (LAUX) Wagner for a proposed genealogy. The Wagner children are: Anna Margaretha, m Henrich DILLENBACH; Maria Catharina, m Georg ROSNER/RESSNER/RESENER; Ottilia/Delia, m (1) Johann Jost HOUSE, (2) Isaac REIT/REIDT, whose children called themselves WRIGHT, (3) Frederick BLANK/PLANK; Catharina Elisabetha m Georg SALTSMAN; Maria Magdalena m Johannes Failing; Johann Peter m Barbara Elisabetha DACHSTATTER/DOCKSTADER; and Maria Elisabetha m Henrich SALTZMAN. Nan Dixon - posted 01-97

WARREN - Seeking traces of the fam of Ebenezer WARREN (b 4 Dec 1769) and his wife Ann ROYCE (b 13 Jul 1777) who migrated through NY State and settled in Covington, Genesee Co. (now Wyoming Co.), NY around 1810. They had 12 children: Timothy "Leonard" m Eliza BRADLEY; Huldah; Harriet; Ansel Bailey m Elizabeth CLOUGH; Diadema m Jonathan Tenney ADAMS; Lovira m REYNOLDS; Phineas or Phoebe; Ebenezer Wallace; Benedict Brooks m/1 Emeline SHERMAN, m/2 Maryetta ____; Lucius Platt m/l Melissa REYNOLDS, m/2 Mrs. Abigail DAVEY; Elias Davis m Maria SHERMAN; Stephen Barnum m Hannah Maria WALLACE. I have more info. Karen Mohr - posted 05-99

WHITE - I am looking for information on a David White who came from New York State. David came to Shelburne Nova Scotia as a United Empire Loyalist in 1783. His wife's name was Margaret (could be Reynard). He had three sons David, Richard & Edward. His son David was born Feb. 5, 1771 in New York State. David could have served under Sir John Johnson. any information you have would be helpful. Lucille White - posted 08-2000

WINN - Seeking origins of Private John Winn, who served in the 1st and 2nd regiments of the Tryon County Militia. This man should not be confused with the various Dutch Winne families in the Canojoharie, NY area. We believe our John Winn had a son, John, born ca. 1793 in New York and this son married Mary Boody in New York, ca. 1809 and is shown in the German Flatts area of Herkimer County in 1820 and 1830. At the end of the 1830's John and Mary moved to Eaton Rapids, Michigan, where Mary died 13 Sep 1848. John married (2) Lucina (Oakes) Boody, widow of Daniel Boody, originally from Oneida County, New York. Jeanne Belford - posted 05-97

WINTER - Looking for Henry Winter & sons Peter and Jacob. All three part of King's Royal Regiment of New York. Family fled to Quebec with mother (no name). Really want to connect with other family who stayed behind. Nicholas was one. Heinrich also came, but don't know relationship. harvey@kelcom1.igs.net - posted 07-2003

WOOD - Elisha A. Wood, 1778-1839, Utica, NY>OH>IN Tryon County Query... looking for any information on Elisha A. Wood. Mike Wood - posted 08-2000




ZEILMANN - Seek info on Johann Ludwig Zeilman(n) and wife Dorothea ROLLER. Johann likely a Hessian sol. discharged at Quebec 1783. Appears in First Luth. Ch. of Albany in 1780's. Ch. bap. in Dutch Ref. Ch. of Albany and First Luth. Ch. of Albany. One stray bap. noted in 1802 at Trinity Lutheran of Stone Arabia. Did this family settle in the area after 1800? Dennis F.M. Marr - posted 03-99

ZIMMERMANN - I am seeking any information and/or relationships to document or expand this information: My wife's gggggrandfather, Henry ZIMMERMANN, is listed as First Lieutenant New York Militia. also shown as Lieutenant Tryon County (NY) Militia in a www listing of Sons of the American Revolution. His son, John A. ZIMMERMANN, changed his name to John A. Timerman. He married Katherine Snell. David, or his son William Stevens Timerman, migrated to St. Paul Minn. Tom Solley - posted 01-98
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